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Sound, Lighting, Video & Staging Systems

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Please see below for a list of the services that we provide.

Please contact us today to talk about your event.

We love to assist our customers in finding the best package possible at a price that fits the budget.




We are able to meet any rider and have worked with a large variety of artists and clients which allows us to provide comprehensive packages that will help your event run smoothly.

We have a large variety of speakers to fit our customers needs.


We can provide anything from small speakers on a stick to large format line arrays for your event. 


We are able to supply

over 120 line array boxes

in house as well as additional matching boxes from our production partners if more are needed.

Additional equipment is being added frequently, please contact us if you have any specific needs. 

We also stock everything from large format digital consoles to small analog consoles.


Our engineers  and techs are some of the best in the buisness.  We have provided services to large corporate companies and national touring artists.

We strive to be the best in our field and are continually training and studying to increase our knowledge




We can provide anything from lighting trees to large packages of moving lights and 60 and 120k par lighting systems.


We have provided lighting for a large variety of events.  This allows our lighting programers to understand what a client is looking for and provide the impact and design that is needed.


We have continued to add to our inventory to provide the latest in LED technology and automated fixtures.






IMAG & Video


Video provides that awe inspiring piece to your event.  If it is not done right it can ruin everything.  We strive to make every event special and to make each shot better than the last.


From LCD, DLP & HD projectors to LCD, LED and Plasma monitors we can provide what you need










Staging and Roof Systems


We can provide anything from a small stage to a large stage and load bearing roof.


With the help of our production partners we can do anything up to a 100'x40' load bearing roof which allows large amounts of weight and equipment to be flown from a self standing structure.

 We use Staging Concepts stage system and are able to provide everything from a 8'x4' riser to a 100'x40' concert stage






We can provide anything from a single guitar amp to a full festival backline package.


With the amount of artist needing backline  this allows us to provide equipment that keeps them all happy.

We use a large variety of drum kits, percussion, bass and guitar amps and various brands of keyboards. 





Production Management


From conception to completion we are able to provide you with the tools that are needed to make your event a success.


We work with national touring artists to event producers, providing them with the resources to make each and every detail make the impact they desire.