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New Construction Projects, Major Building Renovations and AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) System Overhauls typically require a pre-build Design Services Process, which consists of two main phases – the “Design” phase and the “Build” phase. The general process flow is shown below.

You can see that significant design work is needed prior to establishing a firm price for the installed systems.  While an approximate budget can be developed early in the process, a more definite budget and a final price can only be determined after much of the design work is done.  Additionally, the AVL infrastructure portion of the Building Plans is needed by others on the project, typically at a relatively early point in the process, before there is an approved price for the AVL systems.

Although each project is unique, the Design Services proposed will typically include some level of the following:

  • – Research Vision & Needs
  • – Prepare Cost-Framework Worksheet
  • – Establish Tentative Scope & Budget
  • – Design & Generate Plans for AVL Infrastructure
  • – Simulation, Analysis & Modeling
  • – Design & Generate Diagrams of AVL Systems

With Design Services by Reach Communications, your project is set-up to finish On Time and Within Budget.  While we are well versed in large projects, we are thankful for project opportunities of all sizes.  Our design fees are scaled accordingly, and pragmatically structured based on value.

Contact us with details about your next project to find out how we can help.